ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – From start to finish in this video, Gaia only uses her heels. Also, only the glans part of the slave is stepped on. Gaia walks to the slave barefoot in a short dress. The slave hears Gaia’s footsteps and gets nervous. Gaia shows the soles of her feet over the lying slave’s face. Slave sees Gaia’s soles and his cock is excited. Gaia climbs onto her cock box and looks down at the wriggling slave’s cock. It looks like a bug… haha. Gaia grabs his wriggling cock with one foot and she presses his glans with her heel. The slave’s cock cannot be moved. The slave feels the texture of her heel through her glans. Gaia inflicts pain on her slave by pressing the slave’s glans with her full weight on her heels. A slave’s fragile glans hurts from Gaia’s heel pressure. After a while his pre cum flows from the tip of the slave’s cock and It sticks to Gaia’s heel. Gaia ignores this and continues to step on her glans and twist and eventually the slave does his ejaculation. The slave’s cock is caught by Gaia’s feet and cannot move, so he struggles to ejaculate. Gaia enjoys the feeling of the wriggling under her heels. It’s like a bug struggling to survive?
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