167970 – Lady Scarlet – The lifeguard candidate

-I had a lot of fun making this film because I consider it such given the length, the plot and the acting skills. Seeing is believing!-I am selecting lifeguards for the summer season and this aspirant is showing up for the interview. I ask him a few questions to understand if he can be suitable but someone who replies that he has been a mountain guide does not give a good impression. I then have him undress to evaluate his physical prowess but as soon as I see him wearing only the costume I start laughing. Would a soft guy like this want to be a lifeguard and save lives? I express my concerns to him and as I undress I tell him that his appearance is a problem. It is a problem because he is too scarce and he could never save a muscular woman like me for example, indeed we would both go to the bottom! I notice that he is captured by my physicality, he admires me and can’t take his eyes off me. He kneels spontaneously and tells me if he can adore me, if he can feel my muscles. I tell him he MUST. Thus he begins to caress me, to feel my tone, to kiss those marble roundnesses. I also have him measure the circumferences of my biceps, quadriceps and calves. I like to be flattered and show my muscles. I feel sorry for this poor fellow, in my opinion he is a loser with women and a guy without a pussy. I think he responded to the ad just for my photo and to be able to meet me. I don’t like people who make fun of me and waste my time. He thought he found a pussy and instead here’s what I throw in his face, a cock! I put him in doggy style and stick it in his ass. It fits him well! He is too enthralled to escape and he takes it all. With his ass broken then I decide to give him a gift because I feel sorry for him. I make him lie down on the sofa and order him to masturbate while I tease him with my bare feet and show him my muscles. When I reach the limit, I order him to enjoy my triceps and to lick everything, like a good slut.
Lady Scarlet - The lifeguard candidate
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