167987 – Lady Scarlet – Tied and whipped

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI prepared him well and tied him to the wall by his wrists, now it’s time for serious fun: fun for me of course. I whip him, he squirms but he can’t untie or run away. He is my pet, he belongs to me and I punish him as I want. I continue stronger and stronger and paint his back as if it were a blank canvas that gradually turns red. He begs me to stop but instead I change the whip, take a stronger one and start again because only I can decide when it’s time to stop. The nine tails of this whip are merciless, I hit until he kneels at my feet but he gets up too soon without my permission: the last barrage of blows is punitive and he will never forget it.
Lady Scarlet - Tied and whipped
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