168042 – Lady Scarlet – Condemned to my foot gagging

IThe condemned man completes the last steps to get to the throne of his executioner where justice will be made. He is completely tied up in a black leather straitjacket, his face is covered and the rest of his body is naked. I pull him by a chain tied to his neck until he kneels at my feet: his condemnation is to gag the big feet of his executioner.He has his hands tied and I have him take off my shoes by pulling them from the heel that I put in his mouth. My feet are big enough to cover his entire face, I place them in his face and prepare to smash his mouth. My foot must enter completely, all the toes, the mouth is wide open, I push it down his throat and it gets all wet with saliva. I switch foot while I wipe the other one by placing it on his ridiculous little dick. Now the other foot is also full of saliva but it is not enough for me, I put them both at the same time, one on the other and dilate his mouth beyond all limits… His face turns red, begs for mercy but I continue until I leave him exhausted to the ground.
Lady Scarlet - Condemned to my foot gagging
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