168096 – Now wash my bare feet with your tongue

Goddess Sheila: Now wash my bare feet with your tongue. After the foot slave has licked my dusty and dirty Adidas sneakers clean, he can now wash my bare, sweaty feet with his tongue. He has to kneel at my feet and take off my sneakers first. The foot scent rushes towards him, a mix of foot sweat and used leather. My feet are already damp, especially between my toes. I order the slave first to press his nose to my feet to absorb the foot scent, the weather 🙂 Then he can worship and kiss every part of my feet. Finally he can lick my feet and suck my toes. He has to lick the sweat from my feet and wash my bare feet thoroughly with his tongue. I especially like the sight when he greedily sucks each of my toes with relish.( English spoken )
Now wash my bare feet with your tongue
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