168100 – Lady Scarlet – Trampling with Texan boots

I took a chalet in the mountains to spend a few days relaxing and I decided to bring my own doormat. His job is to welcome me every time I come back and to keep me entertained. Tonight I’m wearing a fuchsia dress, tights and Texan boots. He is already lying in front of the fireplace when I greet him and take off my jacket. I get on top of him. I really want to use him, sinking these particular boots inside him. Suddenly the tiredness seems to have passed me… I step on him, sinking, I get my soles and heels cleaned up. He loves me, I know and I take advantage of it. I play with him until he can’t take it anymore, then I lie down on the bed exhausted.
Lady Scarlet - Trampling with Texan boots
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