168227 – ZOE – Enslaved By Young Boss – EXTREME Ballerina Shoes Domination And Humiliation

There is a new boss in the company and her name is Zoe! She is the gorgeous and intelligent 20 years old step-daughter of the CEO of the company that he just retired and gave the wheel of his lifework to his step-daughter. Zoe is very intelligent and educated and she has already a degree in bussiness management. When she saw the productivity of the most of the employees, she couldn’t believe it! They were so lazy, taking advantage of the friendship with her kind hearted step-father so they work almost nothing and they are all the time out for smoking, shopping and drinking! Of course dominant Zoe cannot allow it!Zoe calls one of the oldest and laziest employees and announces to him that he is going to be fired because he does absolutely nothing there! The guy laughs at her and says that he works for years to the company and he is a friend of her step-father, so she can do nothing. How wrong is he, and Zoe will prove it to him! She says that he is fired in this moment and he starts to be afraid, telling her that he is sorry and he will follow her requirements in order to keep his job. But Zoe wants to make sure that this worm knows his place! She tells him that, if he wants to keep his job, he must get on his knees and clean her sexy ballerina shoes, with his tongue!!!The loser is totally afraid of his new sexy boss now, he begs not to do it but Zoe is so dominant that next minute he licks the street dirt from her ballerinas! Zoe rubs hard her shoes on his face and tongue, making it black and at the same time she humiliates him. She kicks him hard on the face and pushes him down, rubbing her both her shoes hard on his face, burning his skin! The poor bastard is now the shoe bitch of his boss, at least he does something useful!!!
ZOE - Enslaved By Young Boss - EXTREME Ballerina Shoes Domination And Humiliation