168439 – Slave meal deluxe for a foot slave

Today I’ll prepare a very special slave meal for you, foot slave. I brought 2 of these big fluffy croissants and they’ll now get a very special treatment. I walked barefoot for a while and my feet are slightly dirty already – and with these dirty feet I’ll now step on the croissants. Once they’re flat, I’ll wrap my feet and the croissants with cling wrap – so not a single drop of foot sweat is lost. Then I’ll put on some thick socks and my hiking boots – and the hike can begin! With every step the croissants get flatter and more soaked with my foot sweat. After the hike I enjoy a nice ice cream before returning home and unwrapping the slave meal for you – the croissants are completely flattened and full of dirt and sweat from my feet – and now you’ll eat them – every last bit of them! And obviously you’ll also lick the remaining sweat and dirt from my bare feet!
Slave meal deluxe for a foot slave
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