168202 – ELECTRA – Entropy – BRUTAL Facestomping And Facekicking POV

Gothic beauty Electra is very creative and always her schedule is full! Her two old houseslaves are there to serve her and to make her life easy so she can do whatever pleases her and of course, to satisfy her sadistic desires. But they are fat and old and the last thing that Electra wants in her house is two useless losers napping all day. So when she sees them resting or napping, she gets annoyed and always dominates them to remind them what is the purpose of their life: to be ready to serve her, 24/7!Sadistic Electra loves to play the facekicking game with her slaves! She sits on the stool over her slave and starts to kick, footslap and stomp his face non stop. She has a very joyful expression on her face as she destroys the face of her slave and she stands up and keeps the stomps combined with some karate style kicks! Electra kicks and stomps BRUTALLY, non stop, until the slave is almost ! She kicks him on the floor and she finishes him with one more stomp, right on his face! GREAT POV CAMERA POSITIONS!
ELECTRA - Entropy - BRUTAL Facestomping And Facekicking POV