168827 – My friend Christopher 08 WMV

Completely amateur film shot with a phone, but somehow its not bad. Six pairs of shoes. The first are open-toed navy blue high heels. The second are black high heels on thick soles. The third pair are sandals with many straps and while wearing this particular pair, she tells him that she will now make a call and forbids him to moan and tells him to be quiet. The fourth pair are high-heeled flip-flops. He couldn’t stand it. She trampled on him in pantyhose for a while and then put on high-heeled winter boots. In all these shoes, she would stand on his neck and jump on him. At the end, the sixth pair of shoes was worn by a different girl who was doing this for the first time and was very surprised by his interests, but as you can see, she liked it. This video was shot by hand, so the image shakes slightly. Time: 20,14 min.
My friend Christopher 08 WMV
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