169143 – Kicking 69

Blindfolded kicking fun for the sadistic girls!The 3 sadistic friends Amber, Clarissa and Mira have thought of another perfidious torture for their slave today. Smirni has been locked in her wardrobe blindfolded for hours and has to kneel there to wait for orders. Finally, the 3 vicious girls get him out of the wardrobe and bring him into the living room. There they start with a mean game. Smirni always gets a kick from one of the ladies and afterwards has to say the real name of the lady who kicked him. If he is correct he has to kiss this lady’s foot and the game continues as normal. If he is wrong, all 3 kick him with their high heels. And the sadistic devil game starts and Smirni gets his first kicks. Of course, he almost never guesses which lady has just kicked him, because he can see absolutely nothing with the aperture around his eyes. Therefore it rains again and again hard kicks from all 3 ladies. After a while, after they kicked him together nicely, the mood of the 3 cruel ladies is now set for something else. So they drag Smirni back into the cloakroom and kick him into where he continues to crouch blindfolded.
Kicking 69
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