169102 – Let Me Lick You

Have you missed this mouth? I think you have, haven’t you? You’ve missed my mouth… that weird thing on the end of my tongue… my lips… You miss all of it. Did you think I’d forgotten about you? Why do you like being inside my mouth so much? Can you guess what I’m picking up? Doesn’t everyone have a metal chastity belt? Probably not. Would you like to see what it looks like from down beside my crotch? Let me give you lots of kisses first. Oh, my! That’s not flattering at all, is it? Let’s see what my booty looks like. Oh, the booty is fly! Looks good, huh? Come along with me for a quick tour of my house and then we can sit down for some more stunning close-ups, licks and lots more kisses.
Let Me Lick You
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