ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Here is my fantasy: the story will start from a real experience that will then flow into the fantasy. For some time I have been living with a friend of mine, Alice, for whom I am just a friend. She would never do anything sexual with me, she doesn’t see me as a potential partner and that turns me on. She also fucks with 2 or 3 different people every week and I hear everything from my room, where I jerk off thinking about her feet, being a fetishist. This fact of not having a real sex life while the girl I like fucks a lot I find extremely humiliating, and for this she turns me on. In this scenario you are our new roommate, who as soon as I arrive you immediately realized that I am a loser, submissive and fetishist and in this video you will show me the new rules that I will have to follow. This is where the fantasy part begins. During the video you will be sitting with the soles of your feet in plain sight and humiliating me in the cruelest way possible. First you will blame me for all the above (that I do not fuck etc.) then you will make me wear a permanent chastity belt, 24/7, to increase my frustration when I hear Alice fucking or see her turn into underwear. At this point you will reveal to me one thing with the intent to drive me mad with envy, which is that Alice not only fucks with many different guys, but she also lets herself be dominated by them. While I’m just a friend and he would never let me touch him, he does the worst filth with others: he gets whipped, tied up, used as a human toilet, gets cum on his face by several people at a time … while if I dare to look at her feet I am scolded because the fact that I am doing it disgusts her. From now on my sex life will be listening as a bunch of strangers use the girl I like as a human toilet while you keep me in permanent chastity. You will not even grant me the honor of worshiping your perfect feet, instead you will make me to lick the feet of the various men who will fuck Alice. Being straight this would be one of the most humiliating things for me to do…
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