168224 – NIKA – Neighbors – FULL MOVIE

Rea and Roberta are travelling a lot for modeling business, leaving the houseslaves alone. But they know that if they stay alone for few days they get lazier and fatter, so they give the keys to their college student friend, the beautiful and sadistic Nika! She is the absolute next door Princess and she loves to dominate and humiliate the slaves, keeping them in good form to serve!Lick The Streetdirt From My Sexy Boots!Bratty next door Princess Nika returns home looking so sexy in her casual outfit, tight jeans and black high heel boots. She enjoyed her day with her girlfriends and now she is back home and of course her slave must lick her boots clean from the streetdirt! She loves to see him crawling at her feet and lick the dirt from the bottom of her boots, thinking that she was walking everywhere in these boots, making a dirt cocteil for him! Her slave is very obedient, but old and slow, so Nika takes the full control and she rubs hard the soles of her boots on his tongue and fucks his mouth with the heels to shine them! Amazing attitude by bratty Nika!BRUTAL Trampling In Sexy Streetstyle High Heel BootsBratty Nika is in a sadistic mood and commands her slave to take of his t-shirt and lay on the floor. She stands on him and starts to trample him BRUTALLY under her sexy high heel boots, kicking him and digging her heels on his flesh. She has a sadistic joy on her face while she destroys her slave under her boots! Nika crushes his throat and tramples his dick while standing on him and she crushes his face and mouth, twisting her boot on it like finishing a cigarette! After many minutes of NON STOP brutal trampling, Nika stands full weight on her slave’s face, trampling it hard against the bare floor before she finishes with him! EXTREME action from the absolute next door Princess!!!Dominant Foot WorshipNika calls oldie and she commands him to kiss her pretty feet. She enjoys the foot worship and she guides her footbitch how to lick and suck. After a while Nika takes the full control and pushes down the slave, making him worship her perfect feet the way she likes, until she is bored and tells him to get lost!EXTREME Trampling And FacestandingNika loves to feel her beloved neighbor under her feet! He sees how macho he pretends to be when he is with is low profile wife, playing the man of the house, but for Nika is just a worm under her feet! She tramples him hard, stands on his face for long and tramples it in various positions and smiles while she feels his face under her feet melted. She tramples and crushes his dick and his throat and she makes him worship her feet while she stands on him, just to go back to his face standing on it full weight in style!EXTREME Footgagging POVNext door Princess Nika walks down the stairs and her slave waits there for her orders. She sees him down there at her feet and she wants to play with him, so she commands him to open his mouth and she fills it with her sexy foot, pushing it down his throat and gagging him! Nika smiles and enjoys as she fucks the mouth of her slave with her feet, she laughs with his gagging and she rubs her foot all over his face crushing it when it is not into his mouth. Nika makes him suck the heels of her feet and she keeps fucking his mouth until she gets bored, leaving her poor slave to cough with a red face! GREAT POV POSITIONS, feel under the feet of Nika!!!
NIKA - Neighbors - FULL MOVIE