169347 – Slave suffers under my muddy riding boots

With all the rainy weather lately, my leather riding boots got terribly dirty and muddy – good to have a human doormat, I can trample on to get them clean again! At the beginning he’s still wearing his white shirt – which turns brown under my boot soles quickly and therefore isn’t suitable for cleaning my boots anymore. I order the loser to take off his shirt, while I stand on his stomach – so I can continue trampling his bare chest under my boots to get the remaining dirt off my boots. The loser is in terrible pain – not only does he get to feel my full weight and the brutally hard soles of my boots – I also grind my boot soles on his skin and in combination with the dirt it must feel like getting a rub with sandpaper! In the end his chest is a nice mix of red and black – and my boots are mostly clean again!
Slave suffers under my muddy riding boots
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