168207 – ELECTRA – Entropy – FULL MOVIE

Gothic beauty Electra is very creative and always her schedule is full! Her two old houseslaves are there to serve her and to make her life easy so she can do whatever pleases her and of course, to satisfy her sadistic desires. But they are fat and old and the last thing that Electra wants in her house is two useless losers napping all day. So when she sees them resting or napping, she gets annoyed and always dominates them to remind them what is the purpose of their life: to be ready to serve her, 24/7!EXTREME FootgaggingElectra sits on the bar stool, having the slave’s face at her feet. She puts her foot into his mouth and she starts to fuck it hard! The feet of Electra are thin and long and they easily go down the throat of the slave, gagging him hard! Electra has a sweet sadistic expression on her beautiful face as she fucks hard the mouth of her slave, even with both feet or with the heels! She footslaps hard her slave and rubs her feet all over his face, just to continue footgagging him without mercy!INHUMAN Facetrampling – NO MERCY!!!Electra is really sadistic and she feels absolutelly no mercy for her slaves. She has her old slave on handcuffs laying on the couch and she goes over him and starts to trample his face brutally! She DESTROYS his face, standing full weight on it, trampling it and jumping on it and when she goes back to his chest to change position, she kicks and stomps it and then back again she stands on it and melts it! One of the most cruel clips we did!!!BRUTAL Facestomping And Facekicking POVSadistic Electra loves to play the facekicking game with her slaves! She sits on the stool over her slave and starts to kick, footslap and stomp his face non stop. She has a very joyful expression on her face as she destroys the face of her slave and she stands up and keeps the stomps combined with some karate style kicks! Electra kicks and stomps BRUTALLY, non stop, until the slave is almost ! She kicks him on the floor and she finishes him with one more stomp, right on his face! GREAT POV CAMERA POSITIONS!EXTREME Foot Domination POVThe fat loser is napping again on the couch and Electra goes over him and wakes him up. He starts the excuses but Electra shuts him up, sticking her foot on his face. She stomps his face hard and she makes him lick her soles rubbing them hard on his extended tongue. Electra has no merc for this loser, she crushes his stupid face like a cigarette under her perfect feet and she footslaps him many times. She stands on his face full weight trampling it and she rubs her feet all over it, he is just a worm under her feet! Electra gives some more hard stomps on her slave’s face, spits on his mouth and leaves him to do the housework! Great action, GREAT POV Camera Position!!!EXTREME Facesitting In Sexy ShortsThe slave sits on the floor exhausted from doing the house duties, but Electra goes to him and she tells him that he is in a perfect position for her. Before he even asks, she sits on his face full weight in a neck breaking position, all her weight is on his face and neck and he is smothered hard under her sexy shorts! Electra sits in reverse position on his face and smothers him in more and after some minutes of hard full weight face sitting, he is ready to collapse! Electra kicks him on the floor and keeps sitting on his face in various positions, staying for long in each one. She has an ice cold expression in her beautiful face, while a much older man is in agony for some air under her!Dirty Feet Worship And DominationSadistic beauty Electra is in the mood for some more fun, so she walks barefoot in the balcony and makes her feet very dirty from the dust. She relaxes her legs on a stool and calls her loser slave and commands him to lick her dirty feet clean! The slave is not so eager, but he knows that he has to do it. He starts licking the dirt from his Mistress feet, but it is hard to remove it, so Electra takes the full control and starts wiping and rubbing her feet all over his face and tongue to clean them. She totally owns him and uses her perfect feet on his face until they are clean!Trampling Two Faces – NON STOP!Gothic Princess Electra loves to stand on her slave’s faces, she feels them suffer under her cruel feet and she reminds them their position in this life! Electra with an amazing grace and cruelty stands on the faces of her two slaves, sometimes in one sometimes in the other or in both together, full weight! She changes positions on their faces and tramples them and kicks them until she gets bored!