169657 – Humiliating shoe cleaning before the business meeting

I’ve a business meeting coming up and just minutes before I have to leave, I notice that my high heels are not clean – of course, I can’t go to a meeting with dirty shoes! I call the slave over and order him to clean my shoes while I enjoy my cigarette and the rest of my coffee. He has to start with the leather on top first and only once that’s cleaned, he should proceed to the soles. They’re covered with all kinds of street dirt – but that’s not humiliating enough for my taste today – so I spit on the floor, add some ash from my cigarette and then rub my shoe soles through this disgusting mess – and then he has to lick them clean! After he has licked all the street dirt, spit and ash from my shoes soles, I make him smell my nylon feet for a short time – then I take off to go to my meeting and order him to lick the floor clean as well while I’m gone!
Humiliating shoe cleaning before the business meeting
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