169582 – Sweaty Shoe-Bread for Slave’s Lunch

I have a lot of errands to run, but I thought I would be nice and make slave’s lunch before I left. I make him his favorite… what I like to call a "trample sandwich". I put a piece of bread in each shoe, wrapped in saran wrap to lock in the flavor and head off to go shopping for the day. When I get home, my slave kneels on the ground and removes my shoes to discover his surprise lunch. I kick my feet up and laugh at him while he enjoys his footbread off the floor, like a dog. He takes too long for his meal, so I add a little spit to help him choke it down. Since I cooked, it’s only fair that he "does the dishes", so he gets to work licking the bread and sweat off my feet.
Sweaty Shoe-Bread for Slave's Lunch
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