ITALIAN LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – The video would be optimal with the presence of two males, obviously naked, and preferably with very delicate and dangling balls.In the video he describes (and concretely demonstrates) the female point of view of how it is much easier for you to fight with males.When you happen to beat yourself up with another female, in fact, the comparisons are longer and more close, with squeezes of tits, scratches and pulls of hair, and it is certainly much more complicated because neither of them goes Ko with a single blow.On the other hand, with males, if the female is bad enough, determined and fast, it is much simpler and also gives much more satisfaction.In fact, having such hyper mega sensitive testicles between the legs makes males much more vulnerable than a female, even if they are taller, stronger and more muscular.But it’s not only the great sensitivity of the balls that makes males so weak in the eyes of you females, but other aspects as well.For every aspect, it would be great if there is a practical demonstration on males!1) the balls are in a spot too difficult for males to defend, and too easy for females to reach, who are much faster and more precise in their shots (for this aspect, you may ask both males to take turns try to avoid his blows, and then prove that their attempts would be in vain. Males should try to avoid blows by squeezing their legs, moving sideways, turning their backs, pulling the pelvis back, or otherwise moving, but they would still end up on the ground with their poor balls inevitably hit!)When the male goes to the ground, he should be mocked with phrases such as: oh poor balls, they hurt you so much, right ?! hahaha, did you see that it is useless to move and squeeze your legs ?!, you have balls, and therefore you are weaker and every woman can easily subdue you! , you must be afraid of women, because they can hit your balls when they want! .2) males generally have more muscle mass, but for this reason also their reflexes are much slower than the speed of females, and therefore they never manage to protect them in time (for this aspect, you could ask males to check the speed of their reflexes For this verification, they should stand in front of her with bare balls, and try to protect them with both hands as soon as they see her strike firing. cover his balls only after his stroke has gone. It would be great if he tested their reflexes both with foot strikes, but also with knee and hand strikes).When the male goes to the ground, he should be mocked with phrases like: ahahaha it’s useless to protect them now … you should have protected them before! Ahahaha, but what beautiful reflexes you have, congratulations! Your balls thank you! hahaha , you know that with me no male has ever managed to protect them in time ?! , now you will understand that if you face a woman with bare balls, you’re screwed! .3) the balls can easily be hit with all kinds of blows (kicks, knees, punches, slaps, heels) and from any position (for this aspect, he could ask males to try to block his blows with their two hands, stopping her foot, or her knee, or her fist, or her hand, or her heel, before the blow lands on the balls. from the front, than from the side).When the male goes to the ground, he should be mocked with phrases such as: did you really think you were blocking my shots? Ahahaha, how much I like to hear the scream you make when I hit them!, How nice to see a male on the ground, writhing in pain! , Did I hit both of you, or just one ?! ahahaha .4) the balls can be easily grasped and pulled or squeezed, and there is no other place in the entire human body that can be grasped so well with one hand (for this aspect, it could show all its different grips of the testicles . He could grab one, or both, and he could grab them both from the front, from below, and from behind. Once grasped, he could either squeeze them, twist them, or pull them, until the male lets out a scream and collapses to the ground. It could also show the terrible grip with both hands, grabbing a testicle with each hand. Obviously this would be optimal if the males had dangling and very delicate balls. In this aspect, it could explain how no male, despite attempts, can free himself. from a well done testicle grip, because a slight pressure from the woman is enough and the male finds himself in a panic and, in a couple of seconds, he finds himself with a hallucinating pain that paralyzes him).When the male goes to the ground, he should be mocked with phrases such as: there is nothing more rewarding than holding a male by the balls, and squeezing them until he screams and gives up!, Oops … i your testicles were so soft that I didn’t control myselfby power! ahahaha , ahahaha a male on the ground with squeezed balls is too ridiculous to see! ahahaha , but why were you trying to free yourself from my grip ?! you don’t know that once grabbed you are screwed and can only give up ?! , did you understand that when a woman squeezes your testicles she can do what she wants with you, and you have to submit ?! , I’m curious to know what a pain it is feel after a good squeeze in the testicles … the pain reaches your stomach right? ahahaha .Here she could show an absolute cruelty, that is to bend over the aching male and, despite her feeble attempts to protect them, grab his freshly squeezed testicles (and therefore, still super sore), constraining the male to beg her not to squeeze them again! And she could threaten him and laugh in his face, while the male begs her saying nooo, the pregooooo, the testicles noooo! Now they hurt me too much !!!.5) males generally have the terror of blows to the balls when they face a female, and this fear affects them negatively (for this aspect, it could show all the terror that males have by operating a series of fake deaths and very bad threats . Pretending, whether with kicks, knees, or slaps, he should stop before hitting the balls, and laugh at the fear reactions of males. Fear reactions should also be aroused with harsh threats, such as get his balls down his throat, or squeeze his testicles with your hands until they run out of breath to scream …To conclude the video, he could describe the two types of male a female faces when she happens to beat them.1) The first type is the brave male, that is the one who faces the female with bare balls, trying to use both hands to try to block her, without taking care to protect his balls (this male could simulate an attack towards her, with him trying to push her away and then grab her wrist. It will be very easy for her to demonstrate how impossible it is for a male to face a woman with his balls completely uncovered, because all you need is a blow with the foot or with the hand and all the strength of the male disappears and in a moment becomes a lamb, and finds himself on the ground holding his balls.2) The second is the fearful male, that is the one who feels the sensation of pain in the balls even if the female threatens him, and who protects them as soon as he realizes that she wants to beat him, being aware of being weaker and submitting immediately . (with this male, it is she who might attack, finding him in fear that he will protect them with both hands, and squeezing his legs. He should beg her not to hurt him, saying balls noooo, pregooo, balls noooo! , hit me where you want, but not on the balls, please! . And she could pretend to comply with his last request, hitting him in another part, but only to distract him and constrain him to take his hands off balls … at that point, a knee could make him realize how bad his balls hurt!).Finally, it could show how a strong woman manages to get her hands off the balls of a fearful male, even without hitting him somewhere else, but using her strength, or twisting his fingers. Then, as soon as one testicle is free (or both are free), he may grab it and squeeze it hard. And when the male collapses to the ground, she may tell him that it is worse to protect his testicles, because she feels even more wanting to grab them and crush them until he screams like a pig!
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