169674 – Lady Scarlet – A servant for an Alpha Couple

ENGLISH LANGUAGEI am on the sofa with my partner enjoying a moment of relaxation. I want a coffee, I call the slave who immediately arrives dressed as a waitress and his face covered. He brings us two cups that we sip calmly but then I remember putting a chastity cage around my slave’s cock and I want to show it to my partner too: I lift the servant’s skirt and grab him by the swollen balls in chastity. After the coffee, I play her another game, I throw her a rag and order her to clean all our shoes but not before taking my spit in her mouth as a sign of submission. After having cleaned and rearranged all the shoes she has to polish the ones I wear but she will do it with her tongue and in silence: my partner and I have other things to do…
Lady Scarlet - A servant for an Alpha Couple
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