Rome is a beautiful city but it?s also very lustful and what they say about Italian men and the fact that (many of them) are passionate and lovers of free sex is a widely confirmed fact. In this city it?s really easy to meet people who are open to trying and experimenting new and spicy things …. But now I want to go straight to the point and tell you about Giuseppe who is 43 years old and is a (real) plumber by profession. I found Giuseppe’s number on the internet and decided to call him because of a breakdown in the second bathroom of Femdom Castle in Rome … A lot of my slaves have different skills but none of them have actual experience in plumbing. Giuseppe was immediately friendly and very professional, he repaired the fault perfectly and during the repair we started talking about particular fantasies. After all, an equipped dungeon is definitely the right place to talk about certain topics and Giuseppe certainly did not miss the opportunity to speak freely. He is unfamiliar with the femdom world and he never had fetish experiences. His fantasies definitely travel towards other horizons and obviously he does not suspect in the least that in some cages I keep slaves with the full awareness where their only function is to obey every wish of mine …. Now that Giuseppe finished his work and put away the last of his tools it is time to talk about price. However, I am a skilled business woman and I am very good at negotiating. I propose to Giuseppe an exchange …. the skilled mouth of a slave with which he can reach the maximum of pleasure in exchange for his services. Giuseppe does not believe his ears, he is amazed, he is agitated he did not expect a proposal of this type … Yet he confesses that he works hard to face everyday life and the time to satisfy his pleasure is very little and moreover all those talks we’ve been through give him a certain appetite. I look at him in a decisive way …. he begins to think about it seriously, he is very tempted to accept this exchange, in the meantime I immediately notice that he begins to be visibly excited. He also admits to being a bit of an exhibitionist and adds that on more than one occasion he imagined being filmed by a camera. This is what would excite him even more …. Done !!! It will be the mouth of this stupid slave to pay the price of the repair and when Giuseppe puts his big tube directly down his throat this slave will start to have his mouth so full that he has serious difficulty in breathing. After all, he is just an object of exchange and I will make sure that he does his job excellently. He will have to work hard to satisfy Giuseppe who is now in a phase of great arousal, he even started to fuck his mouth faster and faster. Watching his expression of deep enjoyment, his only thought now is only to achieve maximum pleasure …… Giuseppe just wants to enjoy and fill this slut’s mouth with cream …. I think after this unforgettable experience he will come to visit me very often ….. PS : If you want to book a video request contact me : mistressisideoffcial@gmail.com