CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like you to use the cock box, the perfect tool to constrain an ejaculation and continue to torment the slave’s penis without escape.I would like the video to start with a close-up of your mobile camera in which you explain what you are going to do, that is to masturbate the slave with every single toe and then constrain him to ejaculate.Then the camera has to go down following your magnificent body up to frame your feet in the foreground and you who move your fingers laughing and saying These are the tools with which I will torment my slave’s cock.The rest of the close-up video of your feet in the cock box, I have seen some videos with very close front and side shots showing only your feet, I would like you to use them.You will have to masturbate the slave’s penis with every single toe of both feet, starting from the little finger to get to the big toe, right on the most sensitive part of the thread, totally uncovered.Once you have completed all the fingers you will have to baptize one, the most powerful and adequate one for a ejaculation, and lead the slave to ejaculate in a strong way.Regardless of the sensitivity acquired by the slave’s penis, you will have to continue sadistically and strongly to masturbate in post ejaculatory torment, to finish you will press the slave’s glans with your fingers on the cock box, crushing it and causing him pain.
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