171091 – Dirty flip flops + new sneakers licking humiliation

Sun is very dominant Vietnamese girl and when she’s not satisfied she can be really really mean. Like ****** you to lick the bottoms of her years old flip flops which she wears all over Prague just because you didn’t get her new shoes in time.And exactly that has happened and Jack was to blame for it. Sun is really mad at him. He has to right away crawl at her feet and kiss them as an apology but that’s not enough too. She makes him lick the bottoms of her outside shoes, stands on his chest and sticks the whole foot, with the flip flop on it, to his mouth and makes him gag on it. Her dirty outside flip flops…ewww…But she’s so mean she would likely kick his face in if he would not obey so he rather licks her shoes and does what she says. She may be small but she’s vicious and mean. A real brat! Jack finally gets the chance to go out and buy those shoes she wanted. Nice very massive and high sneakers. He thinks she’ll be happy now but as he brings those new shoes she makes a foot stool out of Jack and makes him lick the bottoms of those shoes as well. This is so humiliating! But Sun does not care. Asian girls may see submissive and nice and at home they can be pretty bossy. But Sun, she’s the extreme even for Asian people. She made Jack her dirty shoe sole licking bitch!
Dirty flip flops + new sneakers licking humiliation
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