171192 – Empress Kira Fucks Slave Mouth With High Heels

The domineering Empress Kira tests the new slave for obedience and the ability to thoroughly lick her high heels! But she always has a whip in her hands in order to punish her slave if he makes the slightest mistake! The submissive slave licks every inch of the Lady’s heels. Then Mistress Kira wanted to fuck his throat and stick the heel deeper and she doesn’t care that he hurts! Kira ordered the slave to lie on the floor so that her heels would fit into his mouth more easily and she also stepped on his chest and squeezed harder and harder while she enjoyed the fact that he was in pain, but could not contradict her! In the end, Empress Kira ordered him to take off her heels and thoroughly lick her beautiful legs, but she could not resist and fucked his slave mouth with her foot!
Empress Kira Fucks Slave Mouth With High Heels
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