171315 – Exclusive Annabelle Trampling 1

A brutal trampling clip in high heels with the gorgeous Annabelle. The action starts straight way, and it ‘s immediately a very brutal high heel stomping on slave ‘s stomach. Annabelle punctures his body in all possible places, she aims to dig her heels deep in his stomach, putting her full weight on them. Next she stomps his hand. Next, time for some dangerous facestanding in high heels. She has good balance and no fear about accidents as she could smash his throat at any moment if she loses balance. Half the clip the action is barefoot, but her excitement is even stronger. Slave will bounce in all direction under her feet, as now comes double feet facestanding, running on his stomach, throat standing and head jumping !!! A very dynamic clip, but also very sexy to watch with a girl showing such cruelty !
Exclusive Annabelle Trampling 1
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