171569 – Lady Scarlet – Exciting foam for a loser

Three goddesses, three mermaids in a tub full of foam, beautiful and untouchable. Gaia, Tatiana and myself move sinuously in the foam, we touch and caress each other while this loser looks at us excitedly. He can only look, he cannot touch us or himself, he is both lucky and unfortunate. We continue to tease him more and more, we take off the bra and throw them at him: the excitement rises but everything else is denied to him. After a while we are completely naked and throw our panties at him while Gaia puts one in his mouth and the others on his head… We get comfortable, feet on the edge of the tub and allow him the only physical contact possible for today: kissing our feet filled with foam.
Lady Scarlet - Exciting foam for a loser
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