ENGLISH LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – You are an elite executrix. Your dressed in yoga pants and work out shirt training. You get a call from a client. You tell him you are happy to hear he approved of your last contract. You laugh and tell him it was easy. You tell him you will gladly accept the next contract and get another sample for him. You ask him when he wants you to do it. The client tells you the target is a pervert and always has fantasy wrestling sessions. You laugh and tell the client you will do it during his session then.The next scene is a knock on the door. The target is dressed in shorts and a black mask on. He opens the door and it’s you. Your dressed in blue pantyhose, tennis shoes with your blue leotard, wearing a mask, blue gloves and carrying a bag. You walk forward, place your hand on the man’s chest and ask the man if he’s ready for the best sessions of his life. The man asks who you are. You tell him your new but not to worry, he will have a lot of fun.You take out a bottle of water from your bag and tell him to drink it, you won’t wrestle him unless he is hydrated for safety. The man takes the bottle and drinks it. You ask him if he’s ready. You place your bag down. You tell him to get on the floor and start wrestling with him. Getting him in leg scissors around his body and head. After a while the man lays on his back and starts coughing. You sit on the man’s chest and look down at him. The camera changes to the man’s perspective so you see what he sees. He is looking at your masked face. You ask him whats wrong? Why is he coughing? You just started to have fun. You laugh and say you remembered, the water you gave him had extra vitamins in it, vitamins that will weaken him. You tell him he is feeling the effects. He won’t be able to move to much anymore. You tell him your the black widow, and you were sent to retrieve a sample from him. You laugh and tell him to enjoy it, there are worse ways to go.You pull down his shorts and begin giving him a handjob. You look at him (into the camera) and tell him you need him to cum for you one last time, as he looks at your mask and gloved hands (like in the movie Mistress Gaia Handjob without ecstasy) You tell him to be a good boy and just cum for you since everything is over for him now, he’s not getting away today. You tell him he is the easiest contract you’ve had so far. Him being a pervert made everything so much easier for you. You laugh and ask him if he likes your mask. You tell him you had fun picking it out, you ask him if he thinks your beautiful (as you stroke your mask with your gloved hand) and laugh at him. You ask him if he likes your gloves and if they feel good on his dick. You read about his gloves fetish so you decided to wear them just for him. Especially because you don’t want to make a mess on your hands or leave fingerprints too.After a while you tell him you could feel he is close. You grab a container from your purse and continue to give him a handjob. You tell him to be a good boy and cum for you, cum for you like it’s his last time. He cums inside the container. You put the container away. You stroke his face and tell him he did very good, but unfortunately, your time together must come to an end. You place your hands over his mouth and smother him. He stops moving after a short time. You check his pulse.You get off of him. You take off your gloves. You grab your bag. You turn around and take off your mask. You take out your sunglasses and put them on. Then you take out yoga pants and sweater and put them on. You put on your shoes. You put your gloves and the container in your purse. You take out your cellphone and make a call. You say i am finished here. Pick me up outside. You hang up and walk out the door. I was thinking it could be about 15 min. This is the mask and gloves i was thinking about! For the pantyhose and leotard i was hoping you could wearing the outfit from Mistress Gaia-Kinky shades of blue.
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