173314 – Lady Scarlet – Buttfuck for me

All dressed in black leather I am sitting on the cage with this lousy slave inside. He is playing with his ass for my delight just like I asked him: naked and squatting, he pushes a nice dildo into his broken ass with both his hands. I go down to admire more closely, I insult him and urge him to continue while I think about how to continue the game… Waiting for my partner and to show this slave how I play with a real cock, I decide that he has to lick my white spit from the toe of my black boots like it was cum. He would like to have a real cock to suck but for now he has to settle for my heels which I put right in his mouth. I keep dropping my white spit on my boots and also on my pants and I make him lick it: he is aroused after two weeks of chastity, I feel his full balls a bit but they are still small as well as his cock… I leave him sitting there with the dildo in the ass waiting for my partner to arrive.
Lady Scarlet - Buttfuck for me
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