173313 – Lady Scarlet – Six dirty feet, tongue and soap

Gaia, Tatiana and I have incredibly dirty soles, black with dirt and dust and we need a thorough washing. The slave starts working with his tongue, which immediately turns black but after a while Gaia presses her feet in his face and now he is completely dirty, in and out of his mouth. His tongue goes dry and I try to help him by spitting on my feet and then directly into his mouth. Our feet are cleaner now but still not completely and so Tatiana has an idea and she sends the slave to get some liquid soap. However, Tatiana does not soap our feet but sprays the soap directly on the slave’s tongue and then one by one we rub our feet on his tongue stretched out from the mouth. We conclude by rubbing all six feet on his face, which is now a gray mixture of dust and soap.
Lady Scarlet - Six dirty feet, tongue and soap
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