173335 – Lady Scarlet – Psychologist of couples

Today in my office I receive a girl and her man for a couple therapy session. I studied their case and I immediately ask the right questions to get to the point: this lousy guy does not control his outbursts of anger and mistreats the girl even physically. At least he has shown the will to improve and has accepted the therapy: I then explain to him that the remedy I have in mind is a reversal of the situation in which he becomes submissive from being a bully. So I start to provoke him with insults and some slaps and as soon as he loses control and tries to put his hands on me I knock him down and immobilize him with one foot on his throat. At this point I also invite his partner to take off her shoes and join me for what has now become a domination session. Our feet on his face to block his breath, every now and then he gets back on his feet and tries to attack but promptly I knock him down and block his arms. Immobilized and with our feet on his mouth, this pervert is also getting aroused so we take off his pants and see what he hides under there. His partner is unable to stimulate him and admits that they also have problems in bed: then I’ll be the one to give him the coup de grace to get him back to having a proper erection. I put my foot on his balls and in the meantime I start to jerk him off faster and faster until he explodes and promises that from today he will behave well.
Lady Scarlet - Psychologist of couples
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