173274 – Yoga Pants Smothering 5

Sitting fullweight on it’s face Murderotica starts off her yoga session with the famous ‘Goddess Pose’. "There we go. That’s nice and comfortable. Focus. I like that you keep my butt nice and warm." she simles.’Pulse’ is the next workout. Instead of using an excercise ball Murderotica uses it’s face. Bouncing her butt up and down pulsing to the rythm of her own body movements, like having sex on a face!Next up is more intense forward and reverse face sitting along with more bouncing and a few squats. It’s nose aligned with her butthole so it can enter and exit the deepest crevice of her butt crack with ease. Murderotica then rests on it’s face until it turns colors smothering its entire face deep between her cheeks. "I forgot how much I love doing this.""Your face is so red and your forhead is very veiny. I’m just going to sit here and watch you." Murderotica says locking her eyes onto his. Murderotica notices how faint he’s becoming. "Your eyes are getting smaller and smaller." she says laughing.The bouncing resumes and Murderotica is loving every minute of it! "I like this thing. It’s nice and bouncy! I think this is going to be my new excercise -just bouncing on your face." The session ends with intense full weight face sitting with her balancing her entire body on it’s upturned face. Murderotica literally flattens it’s face to the point of tears as she laughs about it!
Yoga Pants Smothering 5
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