172585 – The Beauty and the Beast

Maria is a super star. The girl looks spectacular and incredibly beautiful in her red transparent dress. Maria takes many pictures of her adorable personality for her fans. The girl takes different poses and walks around the room taking a selfie. An ugly maid crawls behind Maria on the floor, who loves when her Mistress bares her legs. The slave tries to have time to kiss the feet of the Goddess, while she stands still. Maria is amused by the fact that the maid does not have time to kiss her feet and laughs at her, running away from her. Sometimes Maria uses a slave girl as a prop for a photo, sits on her back and puts her feet on her. Sometimes Maria is angry with the servant and kicks her. The goddess feels her superiority and beauty over the ugly slave and uses her. At the end, the Goddess sits down on the bed and allows the maid to worship her charming feet.
The Beauty and the Beast
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