173647 – Lady Scarlet – Pleasure for pain, pain for pleasure Part 1

Both only with sexy panties and spreaders to cover the nipples. She with a mask, Lady Scarlet with her face uncovered, the slave Enea completely naked.You are all 3 on the bed (with black blanket), the slave is with his head towards the wall, she is perpendicular to the slave on the right and Lady Scarlet between her legs.Perform an alternating footjob, first her, then Lady Scarlet, alternate several times, finally together until you bring him to squirt. You will then proceed with a short post orgasmic torment.During the footjob you will tell the slave that he is very lucky to be able to receive a footjob from two Goddesses like you, but that a nice surprise awaits him, during the post orgasmic torment you will reveal the surprise, that is, you will fill him with kicks in the balls.At this point you will order the slave to stand up and put his arms behind his back, she will take the timer and set it to 10 minutes telling Lady Scarlet: We have 10 minutes to cancel this slave with our kicks in the balls and you will laugh. It starts you as a guest.Lady Scarlet will start kicking him in the balls, then it will be Mistress Gaia’s turn, and then you will kick him in the balls together, sometimes alternating, sometimes giving him a conspicuous series of kicks.I’d like to see you both give the following types of kicks:- alternate left and right- sensual kicks- double kicks- kicks from behind- a lot of knees in the ballsDuring the kicks you laugh and joke and make fun of the slave for the noise of the balls and urge him to resist.Once the timer has sounded, Lady Scarlet will propose a final game: Now we give him a kick in the balls for one, but of the overwhelmed ones, let’s see which of the two gives him the lethal one.And so you alternate with 1 very powerful front kick to the head, not repetition, but making the slave position and aiming well, until the slave goes to the ground. Finally she will ask the slave to kiss your feet to thank you and close the video with a nice victory posed both with one foot arched over the slave.
Lady Scarlet - Pleasure for pain, pain for pleasure Part 1
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