ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The slave has not cum for some time and he?s staying in front of you, dressed very skimpy (high decollete with plateau, stockings, skirt and over a tight transparent shirt, without a bra) and with long painted nails, like we often see in your videos; I would say that he will not be able to resist the urge to cum at all costs. He will find himself having to deal with a Mistress, who, in a very subtle way, excites him by touching his cock with her hands from above his underwear; you will squeeze his nipples with her nails, while the slave will be sitting on a chair in front of a small table. You’ll just talk to him in a very low tone of voice and you’ll do anything to get him more and more aroused (maybe you might even blow in his ears and caress his chest). At this point, in a very authoritarian way, you will induce him (a bit like a mother with her child) to eat what you has prepared for him (or that you will prepare for him at the very same moment in front of him). The food will be a combination of what you think is best to make it very disgusting, maybe with the associations I saw in the photos you posted, where there was corned beef, jam, cream mayonnaise chips all combined as you see fit. At that point, the slave, when asked if he likes what he has prepared, will be induced to answer yes and promise that he will eat it all otherwise his mother will no longer indulge him. The video will continue with the slave who will have to eat everything and, in order to induce him to do it, you will excite him with a handjob, maybe even making him wear a condom to collect all the cum and give it to him as the final dessert.
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