171888 – In slavery to Jeanne

Jeanne and Camille were walking and their boots are very dirty. Jeanne invited Camille to her house to chat and clean her boots. At home, Jeanne and her friend are met by a stupid but faithful slave who brings them tea. Two young Goddesses sit on the sofa and rest while the slave licks their very dirty boots with her tongue, from which sand literally pours. Zhanna treats her slave very cruelly, swears and insults her, spits in her mouth with relish and beats her badly with a whip. Cammilla is surprised by how ruthlessly Jeanne treats her maid, but the girl supports her friend in dealing with a stupid servant. The goddesses take turns fucking the slave in the mouth with a heel and wiping her boots on her face, and at the end they order her to thoroughly wash the floors.
In slavery to Jeanne
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