173736 – Flashing aromatic goon-toxxx game

This video contains flashing images that may trigger seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy. Good to see you addict, i know that you cannot wait to reach your goon****** state, thanks to my aroma-goon addict edging program ! Today i want to challenge you a little, so i hope you are ready for this session! You have to masturbate , edge and sniff for me, but now you have to follow a special rhythm as well that you cannot break. You have to inhale the aroma whenever you see a flashing black light on the screen ! You have to obey and follow that glitch ! I know this is hard because you cannot control the rhythm at all, but you must train your nose and cock for me, and you must reach the goon state that way ! Watch me as I sensually tease you with my gorgeous goddess body … Worship me , stroke for me , inhale more and more aroma for me and EDGE ! Don’t miss any command, don’t dare to come, you have to obey and stroke that dick as you should ! The rhythm is changing all way long, it will slow down it will fasten, but one thing is permanent : You have to inhale the aroma and edge your goon-stick without any mistake!
Flashing aromatic goon-toxxx game
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