CUSTOM REQUEST – This is a multiorgasmic video, this is the request:SCENE 1MISTRESS GAIA – SOLES ECSTASY … too good.I would like her to re-propose that scenario or similar, however she and the slave in a similar position. Instead of placing the slave’s cock on the sole of his foot, I would like him to rest it on his back.As both a little side shots (like the zoomed one in the video mentioned). I would like she to make the slave squirt always with his foot very arched and insisting with his index finger right under the chapel.During the footjob she talks about the black color and that she is about to make the slave cum three times using it.SCENE 2Since the black nail polish also gives a lot to her hands, in this scene I would like her to practice a footjob / handjob. I would like her to be dressed as in MISTRESS GAIA – HEADACHE REVENGE and also to wear a black or very dark lipstick.She in the middle of the slave’s legs with both global and zoom side shots.She starts with a footjob, then moves on to a handjob, alternates them several times and eventually makes him cum using both feet and hands.If she can talk about the power her feet and hands can exert on a man without absolutely letting him escape.SCENE 3I want you to use the cock table, if possible the smaller one. I really liked the video MISTRESS GAIA – ALL MY TOES, in which she uses all her toes in the slave’s masturbation.Compared to the video I mentioned, I would like it to use each finger for several seconds (at least 10). For the shots I really like those used in the video mentioned, even that initial part taken directly by the slave who descends from his face to his feet and then becomes fixed (perhaps closer).When the slave has come if she can continue quickly by crushing the chapel and making it turn red.During the footjob she can say that this is the third time she makes the slave cum and talk about her beautiful toes that each of them would be able to make the slave squirt but that she prefers one in particular and says which one while using it .
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