173762 – Castings

This is the very first Multi-Femdom and probably the hardest video we have ever realized. We really promise you that the action displayed by these 4 gorgeous girls is absolutely out of belief. Extreme Multi-Trampling in stilettos, stockings and barefoot, hardcore smothering and Multi-Facesitting in lingerie, pants and miniskirts with amazing up-skirt camera angles. And again ultra sequences of kicks, ballbusting and knee kicks on his balls, ultra series of slaps, Multi-Whipping, sickening spitting and Multi-Spitting right on his mouth with their disgusting saliva all over his face and hairs, verbal humiliation and d boot-worship/stockings-worship/shoe-worship. This film has really the highest level of , domination and humiliation you have ever seen. You can’t really miss this video as it is a FEMDOM MASTERPIECE OF REAL FEMALE SUPREMACY!!!! Starring : Aaricia, Ambre, Manon, Sassou
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