173746 – Lady Scarlet – Follow me, puppy

ENGLISH AND ITALIAN LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – I’d be interested in making a custom clip (about 10min) of pet play and foot worship/gagging.Would you make one with your slave tied and dragged like a pet at your feet (pic 1 and 2), and then sucking them staying in this position (pic 3)?Your slave is alone in a room, already tied, gagged and locked in chastity. You come and tie a short leash on his neck (if you have a harness gag, you could tie the leash to his head). You pull the leash and make him walk for a while. You give some canings on his ass to make him walk better. Then you sit, take off your shoes, take off his gag. He stays on all fours in front of you. You cross the legs and let him suck the pending foot. You change foot. You even footgag him while you put the second one on his head as a footstool.
Lady Scarlet - Follow me, puppy
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