CUSTOM REQUEST – However, the plot would consist of her coming from a grueling day at work and therefore dressed for work.As soon as she gets home she will pretend to talk to the slave will take off her boots and show that she will wear white socks (classic clean white ghosts) and will wear the open shoes I was telling her and invite the slave to smell and touch hers feet with white socks (this right at the beginning does not have to take up much time in the video) then he will provoke the slave with a very provocative voice, but suddenly he will put his foot badly and sprains his ankle (always with the white ghosts and shoes on) is full of pain will constrain the slave to massage her ankle with very specific and severe orders. Then she will take off the shoe but keep on the white ghosts for the whole video. In the massage she will notice that the slave is excited by the situation and is dazed and a little annoyed he will ask for explanations.The embarrassed slave, however, suddenly goes crazy and while massaging he makes her twist her ankle on purpose and begins to rotate it quickly and turn it to the right and to the left and to give her the ankle lock and a fake massage (obviously to pretend without hurting her) she is full of pain it will leverage the slave’s aroused by the sprained ankle situation with the white ghosts and provoking and circumventing the slave’s arousal desires will render him helpless. in the end she wants to permanently regain control and will start doing him a foot job always with white socks
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