173780 – Mental ” Fatal Punishment ” – FEMME FATALE

(This video contains flashing images that may trigger seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy. )I have created several mental " fatal ending" themed clips so far, yet this one is something new ! This video contains flashing images that may trigger seizures. I want to destroy your leftover brain cells and to cause you high risk mental irritation. I will use my editing skills and mental power to "end" your miserable worthless life ! I want to challenge you, and you better do your best, bitch ! I’m going to fuck your mind that badly, like you might "end" in front of your device… It is better if you bring a bucket upfront, because this challenge will be hardcore and you might throw up . I know that you are a weak loser and i’m certain that you won’t be able to watch this clip until the end, because you will bite the dust faster than you think. You are not allowed to look away, you are not allowed to turn off this clip. I will use my mental power to dominate you, and make you stay and watch the clip until your brain or heart collapse ! I will make you super dizzy and sick ! Don’t dare to look away or blink ! Stare at the screen, fucker! If you are lucky, your partner or family member will find your cold body in front of your PC so at least you will be buried. But that would not be a big surprise if you would stay there forever until you become a handful of dust, loser!
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