176442 – Interrupted Dream 5

Your bed is your safe haven, you are sheltered from the evil world. But only until they come. Magnificent, beautiful and vicious they are here to take your sweet dreams away and turn them into nightmares. It is their world now, their night, they are in your head, in your mind, on your body. You feel them all around you, on you, you can smell them, feel their feet and hands pressing hard all over you. They do whatever they want and you just stay still and obey. You cannot move, strange sensations go through your body. Now you don’t know if you want more of this. Do you want them to stop? Will you follow them into the darkness, into the unknown? Yes, you will because they are already inside and they are not going anywhere. Sleep tight, naughty boy!Bea Amber IraBallbusters are here. Beware what you wish for. They attack his pride.
Interrupted Dream 5
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