174048 – Exclusive Queen-Be Trampling 1

A fresh clip this one, starring Queen-Be, a cute ebony babe, looking sexy in her denim skirt and sneakers. The action starts with some jogging at home, except the floor is Cucciolo! This is not a problem for Queen-Be, it’s just normal. The rhythm of her steps is intense, carpet’s body bounces uncontrollably under her weight. Camera angles put you right inside the action, with great close-ups on the sneakers breaking his body. Next she takes them off and steps on his head, while her sneakers are placed on his nose, a mix real of shoe sniffing and hard facestanding (that will smell a lot after jogging). The sneakers are soon back on with great suffocating and cruel facestanding. Finally, some action in good old sweaty socks for some more throat and facestanding.
Exclusive Queen-Be Trampling 1
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