182278 – Lady Scarlet – No more dignity

Sitting on the throne, I have Jonathan next to me, a true alpha male, strong and dominant: together we are truly an irresistible pair of Mistress and Master. While I caress his statuesque body to excite him, we notice a slave watching us and we invite him to join us: he will be our little whore and he will not forget this day. The slave comes timidly on all fours and we begin to give him precise instructions on how to behave: he kisses my shoes, those of Jonathan and then climbs up his leg until he finds himself in front of his swollen balls and his cock that in the meantime has become a straight, hard scepter. Now we really want to see how this slut is skilled with her mouth, first having her lick his balls and then moving on to Jonathan’s cock on which I spit abundantly in the meantime. This little bitch follows the instructions well as Jonathan pushes it hard in his throat and I look pleased at the chastity cage that squeezes his miserable little cock. After playing and oral sex, it’s time to test how he gets along with anal, we make him bend over the cage and Jonathan starts shoving his nice big cock into his ass and while he pushes he pinches his nipples. I sit on the cage in front of the slave and while he takes it in the ass I let him smell my pussy: just smell, nothing more and in the meantime Jonathan breaks his asshole until he cums.
Lady Scarlet - No more dignity
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