181860 – For me, he goes beyond his breaking point

I am incredibly curious to see how much this slave is willing to endure for me. So far I have experienced as only a wimp with other mistresses but with me he must make an effort! I start carefully and tap him a few times in the face with my hard shoe sole. First lightly, then more firmly! I get on his chest and see in his eyes how much stress he is under for me. So much that he can’t get a sound out from the effort and concentration. Because I like this, I continue to trample on him and make him lick my shoe soles clean while I stand on his chest. But this isn’t enough to prove his resilience to me. Next I will squeeze the air from him and sit down with my jeans ass in the middle of his face. Let’s see if he can prove himself now!
For me, he goes beyond his breaking point
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