191246 – Lady Scarlet – Foot fetish girl

ENGLISH LANGUAGEMy slave has a real veneration for me and is always ready to worship my feet and be my footrest. Here she is lying in front of my sofa waiting for my feet with desire: I let her see them from very close until they are in contact with her face. She loves my feet on her face, she opens her mouth immediately to kiss and lick them, she sucks my toes and she does whatever I tell her. Her tongue creeps between my toes, I rub them on her mouth, stuff them in her mouth and finally use them to crush her chest as well and dominate her even more. Finally when I get up she follows me on all fours and licks the sole of my foot as I lift it to walk, she is a really good pet.
Lady Scarlet - Foot fetish girl
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