ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Gaia is wearing a very sexy karate outfit and sunglasses. She wants to do a self-defense tutorial and show what karate style kicks in the balls as they are more effective. In front of her is a slave with his legs spread. Gaia starts the tutorial by talking to the camera and explaining what self-defense methods there are and that she will be demonstrating various kicking techniques. She starts kicking the slave with more or less strong kicks, jump kicks and every time she explains the kick technique. Every time the slave falls to the ground she does a sexy victory pose and places her foot on the slave and also verbally humiliates him. But she doesn’t get angry; on the contrary, she humiliates him almost sensually. The training continues, and kicks him when he’s on his knees in front of her, from behind and with jump kicks etc. explaining the self-defense technique to the camera. After about 4 minutes of video and strong kicks the slave is on the ground and Gaia changes her outfit wearing shiny leatherette leggings and short top. She displays a truly stunning physique. When the slave falls to the ground, finally Mistress Gaia doesn’t get angry, and she doesn’t tell the slave to get up immediately. Instead she takes the opportunity to humiliate him, and to do the victory pose?
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