ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are the secretary and you will have to seduce the boss. First you arrive and sit in front of him. I’d like to see you dressed in a miniskirt and very sheer black stockings, like sandals shoes that show your toes. If possible he?s in a in a suit and tie. As you sit down, you start talking to him about the promotion that is rightfully yours and that never comes. In the meantime, he begins to cross his legs in a very sensual way, moving them up and down, making the ankle rub and bringing it up to the knee. A little like this and then you change the cross with the other leg. I want you to capture his attention as much as possible. And look him in the eye. Obviously he can’t help but stare at your legs continuously until he can’t resist anymore and starts complimenting you saying: You have wonderful legs and you thank him with a smile… then you decide to act and you get up and go towards him. You sit down with your butt on the desk and again you cross your legs in front of your face and say to him: Do you like these legs and stockings? and already super excited replies: yes very much with his eyes wide open. At that point he can’t resist and starts to caress your legs well from the ankle up to above the knee a little like this and then kiss them completely. Then you take off your shoes and put your feet in front of his face and you start moving them and you say, Do you like these? And very excited, instead of answering, he stares at them with his eyes wide open and his mouth wide open.. at that point you coerce him and tell him that if he gives you a promotion you’ll give him all the footjobs he wants until his balls dry! Of course he accepts. In the meantime, you slam your feet in his face and then on his cock, sawing it through his pants…then you make him take out his dick and start rubbing it well on your socks. Then he starts stroking him with her feet until he cums. A nice powerful cumshot that will end up right on her feet and stockings?
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