ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You walk into the room wearing a sexy summer dress or a skirt and a pair of converse & socks. You see Your slave has placed a tablecloth on the floor with plastic/cardboard plates full of food (note: preferably cheap dry food, like salad, chips, fruits, nuts, bread etc.; Your choice) Your slave has prepared a slave picnic on Your floor. When You walk in Your slave is kneeling in the opposite end of the room, with the food laid out on the floor between You and him. You find it funny and suggest you can give him something better to eat. You light a cigarette and start slowly walking towards him, casually walking over the food laid at Your feet. When You get to him You order him to greet You by kissing the floor in front of Your feet. You start to walk around the room smoking a cigarette. Occasionally You walk over his food all while he is kneeling on the floor. You make him eat Your ashes, including licking them off the floor. When You’re done with the cigarette, You drop the butt on the floor, crush it with Your shoe and make him eat it. After that You take a seat on a chair/couch/sofa/throne and order him to crawl to You. You allow him to kiss Your converse. Then You allow him to take them off. You let him kiss Your socks on Your feet. You then take Your socks off and stuff them in his mouth. You tell him You are going out with friends so You order him to bring You a pair of sexy high heel shoes (of Your choice) while having Your socks in his mouth the whole time. You order him to put the shoes on Your feet. He is allowed to take the socks out of his mouth and kiss Your feet. Finally, the best food he can ever have! You take Your panties off from underneath Your dress/skirt and stuff them in his mouth.At the end, You casually walk over the food on the floor one more time before exiting the room.
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