CUSTOM REQUESTAs in orgasmic lesson I would like a footjob sitting opposite each other with the desk instead of the desk separating you. You pass your legs under the desk and with your feet you start to heel up to his crotch. As an outfit, a white shirt, black sheer stockings and a sandal.But he will be your patient while you are the psychologist who will have to treat him for his foot disease. At first you ask him how he has been doing lately if he has had erections looking at other women’s feet, and while he starts explaining to you that maybe his perversion has been getting better lately, you start teasing him with your feet because you know that only you can get him fully aroused. And so you start playing footsie with him by putting your feet on his crotch. While you sensually tease him with your feet, you touch your hair and tell him that today your psychologist will give you a special treatment. A treatment he will never forget. A very exciting treatment. At that point he, with your feet pressing on his dick, begins to get excited and with his hands caresses them up to above your ankle. feet…they are beautiful. Then you take off your sandals and put his feet back on his crotch with his stockings on. You make him feel the contact of your feet with his socks for a while and you show him that he is particularly aroused and that he has a very hard cock while you jerk him off through his trousers up and down. At that point he is so aroused that he unbuttons his trousers and pulls them off ready to take your feet that masturbate him! It is his dream is in heaven. Your feet in those socks will make him feel an orgasm he has never felt before making him squirt everywhere on his feet and on the desk. Video duration just over 10 minutes in Italian.
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